M&M Honda 2006 Integra Sort R – Melts in your Mouth

It’s been two years because my prolonged tenure with Honda Tuning came to an finish, and holy crap have I missed writing about the scene. For those who are unfamiliar with my work, I was that foul-mouthed jackwagon who got

1JZ Drift Meeting

The beloved 2JZ motor is recognized as one of Toyota’s flagship efficiency engines and was developed to go head-to-head against Nissan’s RB26. The motor is capable of significant power with only a couple of modifications, which created FR-S, RX-7, xB,

APSX WIDEBAND D2 Wideband Controller Gauge Kit

Not extended ago we explained why every single efficiency tuner needs an electronic wideband air/fuel meter. You have a selection in deciding on which wideband is right for you, and amongst these alternatives is an offering from APSX WIDEBAND


2016 Audi S8 Plus – 600 Luxurious Horsepower

A sort of clarity is needed to translate impressions of the 2016 Audi S8 Plus to you, the reader—not detachment, necessarily, but a calm. This is a difficult state to attain when the very first thing that flashes into your


Wöerthersee 2016

For Volkswagen Group fans, the annual meeting close to the Austrian lake of Woerthersee is like a monument. Thirty-4 years ago, Golf GTI fans gathered for the 1st time in the beautiful countryside of this central European country the size


Nawshin Basher&#039s 2004 Voltex Mitsubishi Evolution

There have been fairly a few Mitsubishi Evolutions featured over the years right here at Super Street. Some were totally built race automobiles, a lot of a lot more had been show cars, and still other folks did a


2017 VW Golf Alltrack – Evaluation

Don’t forget the Beetle? I’m going to say the “genuine Beetle” without any ill intent toward the existing namesake. It was a great car—fun, endearing, inexpensive, and most critical to VW, it was successful—massively successful. No other VW, maybe no


2013 Scion FR-S – Multipurposed

Your aero isn’t functional. Go quick enough, permit it to attempt to do its issue, and watch it all flail in the wind even though you go about with no much more grip at the tires than what you began

7 Very best RX-7s at Seven Stock 19

The Mazda RX-7 has a funny way of decreasing grown men into squealing fan boys. We all really like the auto-the sound, the possible for power, the styling. It was element of the ’90s Japanese vehicle hero squad and became

Formula D Irwindale ‘16 – One Last Look

The smoke has cleared, the crowds lengthy gone from the Irwindale Event Center, and most Formula DRIFT teams have already turned the web page and begun mapping out plans for 2017. But we discovered one far more photo gallery from