Cutting concrete is a process that needs to be performed by experienced operators and involves sawing, removal of cement, and drilling. It uses specialised saws with diamond-impregnated blades. Jackhammers are from the old ways that are dusty and laborious, the new method creates a smooth end result using water to avoid wreckage or residue. The most popular type of concrete cutting is core drilling, slab/flat sawing, and wall sawing.

Wall Sawing

This is a process of creating an opening from concrete walls/dividers for example when making new doors or windows. It can cut 12-24” thick walls which are achieved by using a massive 30-inch saw that links to a track on the wall to be cut. Bigger saws are used for thicker walls. Wall sawing doesn’t just make openings for doors and windows at it can also lower a foundation elevation, cutting retaining walls or removing the entire foundation.

Wall sawing requires a lot of skill and experience to achieve a smooth result and level openings. It takes skill as well to get the job done without wreckage from the remaining wall thus making it an expensive service. Most companies charge $400 or more just for them to take their tools to your site and start the cutting procedure.

Core Drilling

A technique for drilling round openings in walls or floors, core drilling can cut 1-12 inches round openings for household uses yet commercial applications can reach up to 60” diameter holes for a multitude of uses. Core holes are done to make ways for pipes or electrical wires but mostly for clothes dryers or venting heaters. Core drilling doesn’t require much experience to perform and the equipment needed can be found at your local supply stores.

Hiring Skilled Professionals

If you want to hire someone to do the job for you, make sure they have the right tools and that they can offer the right services. They must be experienced in many types of concrete cutting. There are many services out there that offer services that range from taking residential, commercial, and industrial jobs.

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